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i live in england. i don't even know what this is. or what tumblr is. the etiquette baffles me and the people often make me question my generation. but i'm enjoying myself a bit too much to give it up. i also like bananas. i really like harry potter. and star wars. and star trek. and doctor who. music keeps me sane. i love the kinks, the who, the turtles, tery dene, the blues brothers, the box tops, the clash, the mccoys, the rolling stones, them, wham, the hollies, the human league, the goons, ramones, jonny cash, jerry lee lewis, jimi hendrix, iggy pop, david bowie, elvis, chuck berry, beck, black sabbath, iron maiden, and the beatles.
blog. blog. blog. blog. blog.

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Love is All
Théo Gosselin

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Sorry for no blogging as of late but been busy with this little baby.. (Taken with Instagram)

Coming Soon. (Taken with Instagram)

Happy LFW! A special bag for all my #fbloggers brethren. (Taken with Instagram)

#daria (Taken with Instagram)

My weirdest nails to date. EYES! #nailart (Taken with Instagram)


horrible fear that he will attempt to relaunch his rap career but OH WELL.

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Hedwig’s theme uke tabs!! Love these and they actually work! No credit to me, all to